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What can LAG do?

Do you own a lease of a house or flat?


If you own a leasehold house under a lease which was originally granted for more than 21 years you may be able to buy the freehold. This is called "enfranchising".


If you own a flat you may be able to:

- Buy the freehold of your block with other leaseholders if your landlord wishes to sell, under the right of first refusal contained in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.
- Buy the freehold of your block, with other leaseholders, under the terms of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.
- Buy from your landlord a new lease of 90 years added to the years remaining of your existing lease.

Service Charges

Service charges under a lease often include major expenses, such as for repairs to the structure, in addition to the costs of more conventional services, such as the cleaning and lighting of common parts. Sometimes landlords manage blocks well. However, leaseholders sometimes want to challenge demands made for services. There are laws which protect leaseholders from unreasonable demands. Service charge disputes are often the trigger for leaseholders to organise themselves to buy their freehold.

The Leasehold Advisory Group guides you through the jungle of leasehold laws and regulations which separate you from your freehold.

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